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Terra Mystica
Happy Sunday! I don't know about you, but by the time Monday rolls around I almost always ♫ ♬ wish it were Sunday, 'cause that's my Funday ♫ ♬ 
There are many reasons to love Sundays: the promise of a new week, the relaxation of a day off, or extra reading time. If you are like me, you enjoy several hobbies, Sunday can quickly become a board game filled, rum cake baking extravaganza   Whenever I find myself waist-deep in a reading slump I tend to spend a day or two indulging myself with a host of other diversions in order to re-energize. 
My hubby and I are avid board gamers and spend many a weekend lost in the excitement of a new game. I playedTerra Mystica for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it. If you like resource management type games (think Settlers of Catan meets Small World) I would highly recommend it. I am looking forward to introducing Jessica and her hubby to it this next week.
Any other board game fiends out there? We're always looking for new game recommendations!