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If you're going to have a love triangle I expect some tension!

Someday Maybe - Ophelia London

Freshmen year of college Rachel fell in love with a boy and in doing so lost herself in the relationship. She didn't know how to keep the rest of her life in balance because she was so very smitten with the gorgeous Oliver. Her grades start slipping, her overprotective older brother finds out and Rachel decides the only solution is to break things off with Oliver.

Fast forward a few years, Rachel moves back to her college city where her bff Meghan and older brother still reside. Despite a few bumps in the road, her 10 year success plan is off to a decent start right up until she realizes the job she moved back for isn't quite what she expected. Things get interesting when Rachel's bff introduces the new boy she's chasing, none other than Oliver himself.

Based on the premise I had high hopes for this book. The dialogue was witty and the characters well developed, which I really enjoyed. My frustration though, was with the way things resolved with the "love triangle" of Rachel, Oliver and Meghan. I expected some drama, some hurt feelings and perhaps even a silent treatment. As someone who has fought with her best friend over a boy, there is always a little bit (or a lot) of drama and this story just didn't feel very realistic without it. It was all a little too clean and happy for me.

London does a great job with the character development and chemistry between Rachel and Oliver. There were some unexpected events which kept the story flowing smoothly and made me not want to put it down. Even the supporting characters had interesting dialogue and background which makes me want to read more from this author.