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Mistletoe and Hollywood Review and Giveaway!

Mistletoe & Hollywood: An Eversea Series Novella & a Desire Resort Series Novella - Kate  Roth, Natasha Boyd

My Star, My Love by Natasha Boyd is an Eversea Series novella featuring Jack Eversea, the Hollywood superstar whose heart was stolen by innocent small town girl, Keri Ann Butler. It's their first Christmas and Jack has brought Keri Ann home to England, land of crazy paparazzi, to meet his mother. Full of funny, sexy and stolen moments, it's a Christmas treat sure to delight fans who have been pining for Jack!

Many Times, Many Ways by Kate Roth is a Desire Resort Series novella featuring Evan Weston. A Hollywood hottie himself, he escaped for a few weeks of sun, sand and sex only to find himself head over heels with sassy Danielle Ward. Vacation is over and now this couple are spending their first Christmas together. Can Evan convince Dani that the rest of their lives can be as sexy, beautiful and filled with even more love that they've experienced so far?


I'll keep my review short and sweet, just like these novellas. Many Times, Many Ways is a swoon worthy capture of Evan and Dani's first Christmas together and every moment was perfect. It was clear in Best Laid Plans that Dani had stolen Evan's heart but his unconditional doting and love in Many Times, Many Ways makes me melt. *sigh*

My Star, My Love gives us a peek into the world of Jack Eversea, his family and hometown. Keri Ann takes everything in stride, with a bit of witty banter to keep things light and fun. While Jack and Keri still have some issues to work through, their devotion to each other is what Christmas stories are made of.


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 *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*