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Marquess of Cake Review

The Marquess of Cake - Heather Hiestand

I absolutely adored this book. It has the perfect balance of wittiness and romance that I enjoy in a book. Michael and Alys' chemistry was built over time in a very natural way. It was written in a modern tone about the Victorian era which made it easier for me to read.


It was interesting to me that the author included so much information about medical issues and how they were dealt with back then without making it feel like it was forced.

Michael being an undiagnosed diabetic, Rose having asthma, Lady Hatbrook's gallbladder, etc. were all part of the story without being the focus of that moment.

(show spoiler)

These ailments were just part of life and dealt with accordingly and didn't detract from the story at all which I appreciate. Not every character was the pinnacle of appropriate or gentlemanly. I like supporting characters that add a bit of flavor and drama without being over the top and Hiestand did a wonderful job with this cast of characters.


All in all, this was a fun introduction into the historical romance category.