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Book Review: Tainted Energy

Tainted Energy (The Energy Series Book 1) - Lynn Vroman

I have to say I wasn't sure about this book when I started it. It began interestingly enough, we got to meet Lena and learn about her family problems but I wanted more. There were hints of this mystery Him from her dreams but we didn't really get to know or understand Tarek until later. Once Tarek was introduced and Wilma explained some of the energy background the story picked up nicely and I found myself turning page after page.

Vroman creates a vivid setting of the various dimensions with just enough detail to immerse you in their world. From giant squids in the trees to the rolling waterbed every moment was beautifully written and transitioned back to "normal" earth with relative ease. The world building was definitely a high point for me.

Lena as a character is very relatable and I felt myself rooting for her at every turn. It was a nice change to have a heroine that wasn't instantly fearless and strong. Even up to the last page Lena has moments of weakness and fear. Tarek is not her knight in shining armor and their chemistry is prominent but not overwhelming. The idea of a love that lasts longer than a lifetime (or cycle) is endearing to me.

Overall this was the package deal: fantasy, action and a little bit of romance. I look forward to more from this author.