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Heartfelt and Raw

Deep Blue Eternity - Natasha Boyd

Natasha Boyd is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors. Her characters are real, flawed and easy to relate to. Once again she has crafted a harrowing tale of facing your demons and learning to love yourself and another person.


My heart ached for Livvy, the main character, as I was taken through her painful history of loss and abuse. Boyd addresses these serious issues with tact and grace giving just enough detail to break your heart. Being a part of Livvy's story of finding redemption and strength helped put the pieces back together. She still wasn't perfect and continued to fight her demons throughout the story which I appreciated. Healing takes time, a lot of time, and Livvy's story was beautifully raw.


Tom was equally deep in his own despair. I really enjoyed his characters growth and development throughout the story. Boyd gives us tidbits into his past without revealing too much until the poignant moments. I found myself going back through his dialogue to make sure I absorbed every bit of it.


The supporting cast of misfits fit the story perfectly and enhanced the experience for me. They were everything I hope for in a good book. I finished this in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend picking up this book.