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Review: Days Like This by Danielle Ellison

Days Like This (A Landslide Novel) - Danielle Ellison

When I read the synopsis, I was very excited to dive into the story. A bipolar mom, a boy next door fiance' and a girl running from her problems, all sounded like a great story line. Unfortunately this book fell flat for me in a lot of ways. Let me explain.


Cassie and Graham never developed as characters for me. If I'm being totally honest, they annoyed me for most of the book. Aside from superficial top layer emotions we never really got to know them as individuals or as a couple. The author tried to create the tension of a second chance love, but never explained their connection beside the artificial "love the way he looks at me" or "I just can't resist her" which to me seems like a naive view of love (more like lust).


I did enjoy the way that the treatment of Cassie's mom's disorder was addressed in the book. Mental illness tends to get glossed over in a lot of stories but Ellison did a great job incorporating the trauma it caused, and the healing process between Cassie and her mom. Therapy, medication and support are so important to treatment and it was refreshing to have a story that actually addressed these very real issues.


This was not a lighthearted, happy romance book so if you're looking for a light read, I would not recommend this. There is a lot of angst and regret between Graham and Cassie and it lasts all the way up to the end. If you enjoy delving into some more serious topics in your romance, I would recommend this.


 *I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion*