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Review: Welcome to Fat Chance Texas

Welcome To Fat Chance, Texas - Celia Bonaduce


For champion professional knitter Dymphna Pearl, inheriting part of a sun-blasted ghost town in the Texas hill country isn’t just unexpected, it’s a little daunting. To earn a cash bequest that could change her life, she’ll have to leave California to live in tiny, run-down Fat Chance for six months—with seven strangers. Impossible! Or is it?

Trading her sandals for cowboy boots, Dymphna dives into her new life with equal parts anxiety and excitement. After all, she’s never felt quite at home in Santa Monica anyway. Maybe Fat Chance will be her second chance. But making it habitable is going take more than a lasso and Wild West spirit. With an opinionated buzzard overlooking the proceedings and mismatched strangers learning to become friends, Dymphna wonders if unlocking the secrets of her own heart is the way to strike real gold.
What a interesting dilemma, give up your current life for 6 months to live with a group of strangers in a ghost town or lose a generous inheritance (and cost the rest of the group theirs). I have to say that people do some strange things when they get a terminal illness, but this was one even I was surprised at. 
Aptly named "Fat Chance", this group of strangers must learn to live with each other and run a successful town for 6 months. Each character is unique in their background and reason for being there and things get off to a very rocky start. I have to admit, I was so enthralled with what was happening I did not want to put this book down. 
Sometimes a large group of characters gets to be too much to keep track of, but Celia Bonaduce does a wonderful job of keeping things interesting and consistent between them so I didn't have a hard time remembering who was who. Each character brought an interesting piece to the story and I really enjoyed all of them for their faults and quirkiness. 
Dymphna is the main storyteller and given her role as observer we get to know this rowdy group and really enjoy the scenery of this run down town. The descriptions of the town when they arrive drew me right in, I could feel the dust settling in my nose. Bonaduce does a wonderful job creating this place and giving the characters real reactions to the chaos that inevitably ensues. 
I really enjoyed everything about this book: strong characters with lots of growth, interesting story line, and of course a bit of romance. It wasn't what I expected when I picked it up, but it was a very fun read and I would highly recommend it. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.