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Greetings friends and fellow bookworms. Life has been a bit crazy these last few months so I figured a little update was in order. This little lady has been keeping me very busy but it is definitely time well spent. 
Unfortunately some of my hobbies have taken a backseat, including reading and blogging. Before I gave birth I had lots of input from moms about how much reading time they got in the early days. Some said they read so much more in the early weeks of their child's life and some didn't read for months. I would have to say I've found myself somewhere in between. I'm just starting to get back into the swing of things and while reviews may take a bit longer to get to, I promise they're coming. 
As any new parent will tell you, sleep is a hot commodity right now and sometimes when you're running on fumes (and coffee) Netflix is just easier than reading.  I've marathoned more shows than I care to admit over the last 4 months, but I've found myself getting bored with TV lately. This probably has something to do with baby girl sleeping more at night. As my sleep improves, so does my desire to read. Coincidence? I think not.
So I just wanted to pop in, say hello and let you know I'm still around! If any of you have tips/tricks to get back into the reading game feel free to leave a comment.
Ta Ta For Now!