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Short, Sweet and Light

Under the Hood - Sally Clements

If you're looking for a fun little story in between books, I'd recommend Under the Hood by Sally Clements. I'm a fan of the Entangled stories and this one was no exception. What caught my attention when perusing books was that the lead female in this story is a mechanic. I really enjoy stories where the women have a "typical man" job as it seems they always have a fresh take on romance. 


There is a bit of insta-love in this book but it's hard not to jump right in when you write a romance novella and honestly, I didn't really mind that the characters jumped in. Alice is a pretty normal girl, despite her choice in profession. I like that they didn't make her into a tomboy just because she was a mechanic. Mark isn't my favorite book boyfriend but overall I enjoyed the story. It is well executed and left me smiling at the end.