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Personal Updates

Greetings book loving friends! It's been a long time since I've spent any time over here on Booklikes. A combination of laziness, busy-ness, and the site being awful for a while just made it difficult to post updates and reviews. The good news is, the site seems to be doing better and I've found a way to get some more reading/writing time in now that I can't sleep. Yay! 


I hope this reading kick lasts for a while. When I had my daughter almost 18 months ago I had no interest in reading AT ALL. It was like my brain was mush and I had no room for anything at all. It took a long time to get back into the swing of picking up a book instead of watching Netflix. Baby #2 is due to arrive in a few months so we shall see what 2017 brings on the reading front. I set a more reasonable reading goal for myself in hopes that it will keep me motivated to read instead of always feeling behind.


The start of this year has been quite anxiety inducing on a political front, but I hope to be around this site more as I think now, more than ever, we need books and community. I hope all of you have had a great start to your year, and if you haven't, I hope it gets better. 


Since it is Valentine's Day and all, here's a snapshot of my little adorable monster. She keeps me very busy but how could you resist that little face? Also, she LOVES her books. Our house is quickly becoming a kids library because she loves them so much. So here's to the next generation of book lovers <3