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Review: Write For Me by Michelle Holt

Write For Me - Michelle Holt

My name is Bently Young. I wouldn’t say I’m an angry person. In fact my life had been like a bubble gum infused sundae topped with happiness sprinkles up until the age of when I could date. And I started to date a lot. Guys were fun at first, a nice dinner, someone to tell me I was pretty and laugh at my sarcastic jokes. But then the little creeps started showing their true colors. And they were not my favorite colors. They were like barf green and overripe fungus tangerine. And it made me angry.


Swearing off dating all together was too drastic, but I sure wanted to not do it for a while. I had my family and friends to keep me occupied. I didn’t need a man to take me to cheesy restaurants. One could only eat so much free bread and butter. Life could keep zooming along without the necessity of someone with chest hair being around.


Oh but then I met Josh. If I could have just never known he existed, all would have been fine. Of course, I don’t mean that because if I never knew he was in the world, my own world would have been an awful place. He makes me want to dance under a happiness sprinkle hail storm. Pretty much he is gorgeous and has the insane ability to use his words to make my heart float out of my chest. That made things a lot better when everything else I knew in my life decided to implode. But we weren’t immune to the black hole of horribleness either.


Ours is an epic love story and I just happened to write it down for you…


Bently Young is my kind of girl:  smart, witty and sarcastic to fault. I truly enjoyed getting to know her throughout the story. While I expected a lighthearted love story, I must warn you fair readers, this book tackles some serious issues that I wasn't prepared for after reading the synopsis. I don't want to give too much away but I do want to mention it for those looking for a lighter read. 


I cannot pinpoint exactly what made me fall in love with this story, but I think the characters are definitely the top of my list. When we meet Bently, she is a scorned woman wallowing from her recent break up. Luckily her bff/roomie Taylor is there to help her pick up the pieces, as a good friend would, by helping her move on. Enter Josh. 


The insta-love that so many of the NA books I've read are guilty of is not part of this story, and I am so grateful. Bently and Josh have chemistry, don't get me wrong, but their relationship is full of trials and tribulations. There are laugh out loud funny moments and ball your eyes out sadness in this roller coaster of a story, but somehow you can't seem to put it down. 


The note writing habits of Josh are equally adorable and cringe worthy in sappiness. I personally enjoy getting notes from my significant other so I find them endearing, but others may not. Regardless, this book is about more than just Bently and Josh's romance. It's about life, family, friends and most of all, growing up. 


I would recommend this to New Adult fans, as well as anyone who enjoys good story telling. This book was well written and flowed beautifully from moment to moment. 


I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.