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Book Review: Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers

Rogue Princess - B.R.  Myers

Buckle up friends, this story is a wild ride. The twists, turns, and upside-down feeling you get while enjoying a rollercoaster is similar to how I felt after finishing this book. Myers does a superb job with her world building and character development.


Princess Delia is an interesting character, like most royals who are forced into alliance based marriages she is dreading the decision. There is so much at stake for her planet that has run out of energy the marriage feels like the only logical thing to do. Princess Delia’s assessments of the suitors made me laugh more than once. There’s a lot to be said for her sister’s ranking system as well. As a love obsessed younger sibling, Shania provides a lighthearted view of this serious decision for Delia.


Despite being thrown into a spiral of new information about her people and planet, Princess Delia never misses a beat. She is determined to do better while still holding true to the ancestors of her people. Her fierce stubbornness and willingness to make changes for the good of the planet are noteworthy. Despite living a privileged life, Delia wants everyone to find happiness and that starts with her.


Aidan’s story is much darker. As a servant in the palace his only goal is to get off this planet and find a better life. His step family treats him like a servant and Aidan just wants his freedom. So much so that he “borrows” a prince’s dagger and is stealing a ship when the Princess jumps aboard in an attempt to escape the palace life. Together they find their way to an empty field on the outskirts of the city only to be met with pirates. Pirates that were outlawed 10 years ago. Suddenly Princess Delia is very aware that she has no idea what is really going on in her kingdom and she vows to change that.

Despite having lied about who he is, Aidan becomes an asset to Delia. As he is feeding her information they both realize there is a big rebel plan about to unfold. Aidan and Delia navigate secret meetings, late night rendezvous’ and are continually drawn to each other. The sparks begin to fly, you might say.


What happens as the rebel plot unfolds is nothing less than spectacular. You won’t want to put it down for fear of missing a single moment. No spoilers, but trust me when I say you will want to read this book. If you enjoy strong princesses, pirate shenanigans, epic battles, and surprise twists than this story is definitely for you.