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Take My Hand Series (Box Set) by Nicola Haken

Take My Hand - Nicola Haken

I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to love this series. I like an author that isn't afraid to tackle some dark issues. I made it through Take My Hand, the first book in the series, in one sitting. I started Hold on Tight and for the life of me I just can't motivate myself to finish it. 


The author does a great job of introducing the characters and building a base to the romance between Emily and Dexter. One of things that is grating my nerves as I read through their dialogue was Dexter's constant use of "doll". While pet names don't normally bother me this one became grating very quickly due to overuse. I don't know why it was necessary to use so much, or perhaps the author thinks that's how a country american boy talks but it is one of the reasons I stopped reading half way through Hold on Tight. 


I might come back to this series and try to finish it. Right now I just feel like it's such a predictable book that I don't need to keep reading. Also having a lead female character with no confidence really turns me off to a book. I get that characters need to grow and sometimes start off weak and become strong but everything I have read so far just makes Emily seem like a shell of a person. I want to root for her but I just can't get behind her blind devotion.