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Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff

Underestimated - Jettie Woodruff

This book has stuck with me for a while now.  There was several points I wanted to scream at Morgan/Riley during this read.  My emotions were all over the place: Sympathy,  hope, fear, happiness and fury. 


It's hard to describe this book in a coherent manner.  In 500 pages you fall in love and hate the main character all at the same time.  It all starts when Morgan is sold by her dad to Drew, a rich man with no human emotions.  I hated her situation with every fiber of my being. She was sexually and emotionally abused for years by this monster of a man.  When she finally had the guts and means to leave I was so happy.  She established a new name and new life for herself with the swoon worthy Dawson.  When her past comes crashing into her life I was on the edge of my seat.  I couldn't stop reading.  


Without giving too much more away,  this book made me angry but I'm still not sure why.  Maybe I don't agree with the ending?  Or maybe it scares me that I was so attached to Morgan/Riley that I wanted her to be different.  Regardless,  I would highly recommend this if you can deal with some pretty heavy triggers.  It's a long read but if you enjoy it as much add I did it'll be hard to put down.